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My name is Jez Chalmers. I live in Stoke on Trent with my stunning wife Rebekah (see picture to the left) my 3 year old son Caleb-Jack and my 1 year old son, Reuben. I am a member of Grace Church, Stoke on Trent, planted in 2003 (in association with New Frontiers).

The purpose behind this blog is ultimately to get people talking about God. I don’t really write these blogs to convert anyone, but I do believe that as people start to dig a little bit deeper they will find that the answers to all their questions and the satisfaction to all their desires are found in Jesus, and only in Him.

A.W.Tozer once said:

“Seeing as we are the handiwork of God, all our problems and all our solutions are theological.”

I welcome all comments on this blog, I must confess I enjoy a little bit of controversy – anything that challenges us and gets us thinking. My opinion is that as I enter into a gracious discussion with someone then I will either change my opinion (as I find out I’m wrong) or I will disagree, but understand more about why I disagree.

I won’t approve any nasty comments on this blog – it amazes me how many comment threads I have seen about religion and theology that just get unnecessarily nasty – that won’t be happening here.

I also reserve the right to be a little bit silly at times. It’s good to be lighthearted now and then when discussing theology.

That’s it from me – I hope you enjoy my Theo-Bloggy!

  1. davidmunden permalink

    Dear Jez, Thank you for your interesting observations when you visited the revival church in
    Cwmbran. I believe that to seek out the lord our god is a very basic need, it’s part of who we are.
    In great times of need as many are in need right now, people look to find answers, many will ask
    how have we managed to end up in this state, in this place, many without hope, dignity, respect in
    who they are or what they feel they would want from life. I am most likely preaching to the converted. Jez as you may know the valleys of South Wales over the years have enjoyed a sense
    of belonging through the coal mining industry, it moulded together communities through work
    prayer and song. When the mines closed the very foundation that people placed their futures on
    crumbled beneath them.
    Those following in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers moved away, fragmented communities were left behind. What followed unemployment, social decline, homelessness
    drugs, a great sense of loss engulfed the people, a forgotten people. This has been going on now for a number of years, i see this as a dessert experience for the communities i have mentioned.
    Now after so many barren years, the people of Cwmbran have reached a place where our lord
    can speak to them in the most basic of ways, through the Holy Spirit. This revival speaks to the
    hearts and minds of those who have felt lost for a long time. Through God’s great love for his
    people, all of us, he seeks to spread his word through this revival. I was saved back in 2000,
    during a very dark time, i came into the light, and the lord continues to do a good work in me
    through the redeeming love of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks so much for your comment / testimony. It’s great to hear and I think you make some good observations.

    Long may this continue.

    God bless buddy.

  3. barbara moss permalink

    I have tried 2 return but find it very hard As the people are not there anymore Naomi and Kerry and john I want 2 belong once more but find it hard I am happy 4 Naomi and John and Kerry glad they have moved on wish i could do likewise move on

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