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Kindness is the Only Come Back

May 1, 2015

Here’s my Open Letter response to whoever it is that left this note on my car window outside Doctor Phillips & Partner’s Surgery last week:

IMG_1019First of all I’m really sorry for any inconvenience caused by my parking, I could tell as I pulled into the space that it was going to cause problems.

The truth is there was no other space left in the whole car park and I parked as best I could right in the centre of the space (something you actually neglected to do).

I am slightly confused however as to why you got so angry in your note – especially outside a doctor’s surgery. Fortunately my wife and I were there for a midwife appointment – but I wonder how you would have felt if your note ended up in the hands of someone who had just been told they were seriously ill, with only a few weeks left. Would it have been worth it then?

I’m not angry with you though… at least not anymore. I was angry at first, really angry, but then I realised that me being angry didn’t really help anything, in fact it made things worse.

Have you ever noticed how easily angered we get these days?

When did anger and suspicion become my default position? How come I jump to angry mode the second someone does anything that inconveniences me or upsets me – always assuming the worst in people and always getting defensive.

main Vlue shutterstock_43890370Anger seems to be everywhere these days – you see it on the roads, you see it on YouTube comment threads, You see it in the high street, you see it over the dinner table.

As a dad with two small boys and another child on the way I’m frightened for my children’s future… in fact I’m terrified… terrified of what hostility they might encounter.

But despite my fear, I’m convinced there’s only one way to respond to the anger that dominates our world, and that’s with kindness.

It’s only kindness that can melt hatred,

It’s only kindness that can turn an angry society around,

It’s only an act of kindness that can bring hope again,

Lord knows we’ve tried everything else…

One Comment
  1. Paula Cummings permalink

    Oh yes, I know that feeling of rage! You’re right though…kindness is the only way. 😕

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