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Max Clifford vs Jesus Christ

May 13, 2014

363180_1We heard recently that the prince of the PR world, Max Clifford has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for sexually assaulting 4 women.

Max Clifford is a man who has made his living from the secrets of the rich and famous. His job involved ensuring the continuity of the popular facade of those in the spotlight.

Now I’ve never met Max but certainly a lot of people seem to suggest that it’s possible an element to his success also involved using the secrets of certain celebrities to his advantage, after all when you have your publicist knowing the detail of your dirty laundry then it would be dangerous to not treat him like your best friend – wouldn’t it?

What I find most interesting is the stark contrast between the behaviour and reputation of Max Clifford and that of Jesus Christ.

we-all-have-secretsWhereas (it has been suggested) Max Clifford knew the deep and dark secrets of many and used these secrets to enslave people in order to profit himself. Jesus Christ knows the deep and dark secrets of everyone and still works to see people set free… even at great cost to Himself.

Many who have approached Max Clifford in the past will have done so to prevent people from finding out about their hidden shame, and Max was able to provide them that service albeit it at a cost.

Many more have approached Jesus not just to remove their hidden shame from the public arena but to remove it totally. Jesus Christ isn’t interested in making you look good, he’s interested in making you completely good, He’s interested in setting you totally free.

You see Jesus can deal with your bad habits and your bad behaviours. Max Clifford may have been a pro at covering up shame but that doesn’t deal with the root problem, it didn’t deal with his problems… he’s now in prison because of them.

All those who have put their trust into Max Clifford will be sorely disappointed and no doubt fearful.

partnerAll who have put their trust into Jesus will never be disappointed and need never be afraid again.

Whoever you are, or whatever you’ve done Jesus Christ wants to help you.

It doesn’t matter what your secret is Jesus Christ is trustworthy… still!

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