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God IS what He DOES and DOES what He IS.

December 27, 2013

Job Application Form-resized-600I wonder if you’ve ever applied for a job that you’ve really wanted. You look through the person specification and it says things like “good at working in a team”, “able to manage own workload”, or even the dreaded “good at time management” (insert generic horror movie scream here).

The smart applicant will make sure that their CV shows how they fit perfectly the person specification outlined by the company they wish to work for.

But as important as it is to communicate, in my application, that I am “good at working in a team” it’s not enough for me to simply say I am, I also need to evidence it with real life examples.


rs-impatient-graytieWell because anyone can say that about themselves. I might consider myself a patient person, I could spend my days telling people how patient I am, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I always will be.

My claim to be a patient person could be based on the fact that I’ve been patient once or twice before, but if someone watches me very closely they might observe that even though I can be patient, by and large, most of the time I’m actually very impatient.

How can I continue to say “I AM PATIENT” when most of the time when there’s an opportunity to demonstrate patience I am impatient?

Ultimately because I am a fallible human, because I have an over-inflated opinion of myself, because I am subject to a million and one different conditions that might render me the opposite of what I claim to be, if I am going to make any claim of myself I am required to back it up with some evidence. No one is going to just take my word for it… and why on earth would they?

This is so unlike God, there is no one as trustworthy as Jesus.

For God to say I am patient is the same thing as God saying I will be patient. God’s character always translates into action.

Simon+BradingThere is a song called “All that You are” that is written by a chap called Simon Brading, it’s a superb song, and some of the lyrics go like this:

‘For all that You are, for all that You’ve done, we will praise You.”

I love this song, I think it’s helpful for us to remember that even if Christ didn’t do anything to save us from our predicament He would still be worthy of worship simply because of who He is, simply because of the Excellency of His character.

But to think like this is to imagine a reality that could never have existed.

The truth is that who God is and what He does are intrinsically linked – they cannot actually be separated.

We will never experience a reality where God can be something and not have that result in Him doing something.

The bible tells us time and time again that God is loving, this not only means that God is always loving but that God will always love. If I said that I am loving then really what I mean by that is I can be loving, sometimes. But my ability to behave in a loving way in any circumstance is dependent on so many factors, some of which will be totally out of my control.

Unlike mankind, God’s character is the strongest guarantee of action. Unlike mankind God isn’t dependent on any factors and unlike mankind, nothing is out of His control.

trustworthyThis is hard for us to get our heads around, it has implications that are too difficult to comprehend, but let me tell you one thing that we can be sure of.

He’s trustworthy, He is what He does and does what He is.


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