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That Jesus character… He’s rather demanding don’t you think?

October 17, 2013

jesus_wants_you_by_tailic-d4fgztjAnyone else noticed just how demanding Jesus is?

As I read the gospels I notice that there doesn’t appear to be an option for me to be a partial Christian, there’s no place, it would seem, for mediocre Christianity – It’s all or nothing. Check out Luke 14:25-33 as well as Luke 9:23-27 for just a quick snippet of what I mean.

What do you make of that?

It’s asking a bit much isn’t it?

Almost understandable why some people reject the notion of Christianity don’t you think?

Well that is until we realise that actually pretty much everything else in our life will make the same demand, and most of the time we are happy to comply.

Let me give you some examples of when we give everything:

RoseVain1. The husband who is happy to forsake his wife and kids for his career

2. The teenager who gives everything just to receive affirmation that she is “cool” from her mates

3. The sports fan who’s entire life revolves around his club

4. The person who spends all his money and time on his looks because all he cares about is sex

5. The father who spends every day washing, cleaning and waxing his car whilst his family and friends go by unnoticed.

The truth is that there is so much in our world that demands everything from us and despite their constant inability to bring any sense of lasting satisfaction we keep prostituting ourselves.

The problem is these things in our lives are counterfeit gods – they are the things we think most about, spend most of our time and enthusiasm on and yet if we’re honest they leave us empty.

Counterfeit gods always over-promise and under-deliver.

jesus_sufferingThe stark difference we’re confronted with here is not that Jesus demands everything we have from us, but that before He even made that demand of us – He had already given everything He had for us.

Christians so often toss around the term ‘God is Love’ but nowhere is that demonstrated more profoundly than at the cross – where Jesus was horrifically murdered. God came as a man purposefully to be crucified on our behalf. Our rebellion resulted in us needing to pay a penalty (a bit like when you receive a parking ticket). God literally gave His life to rescue us from eternal death.

Why not spend some time thinking about the things in your life that make demands of you. Ask yourself this question… when was the last time they gave their lives for you?

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