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Love is Blind… or is it?

September 24, 2013

love1It is often said that ‘Love is Blind’, and by saying that what we mean is ‘when you’re really in love with someone then you are blind to all their shortcomings’.

This sounds lovely doesn’t it?

But is that really what real love looks like?

I’m not convinced. I don’t think this notion of love measures up with reality or in fact with what we see portrayed in scripture.

I’ve been married for 6 years now and by no means am I a perfect husband, but I’ve certainly learnt a few things over the years.

1014313_655993733868_1045802676_nWords can’t describe how much I love my wife, and I am very confident of her love for me, but am I blind to her shortcomings? Is she blind to mine?

Err… No.

Does that mean we’re not in love?

Definitely not.

In fact the true measure of love is found when in all my inadequacies (of which there are plenty) my wife still loves me.

You see true love never has meant to be understood as a knee-jerk reaction that we have no control over.

When things first start out then I guess love feels more like an emotion – but at some point those first feelings of love will give way to something way more substantial.

Love is a choice, and not a feeling.

And to consider love as something that is blind, almost naïve, actually waters down the understanding of solid, substantial and life-changing love that we are shown in the Bible.

As we look through the entirety of scripture I think we are left in no doubt that God was not blind to our shortcomings – the bible is emphatically clear of our failure in the eyes of God.

God-SeesGod saw all my wrong-doing – He wasn’t naïve or blind to it, in fact He is more aware of it than I am.

BUT at the cross we see something hugely substantial.

God not only saw my sin – but did all He could to destroy it.

God so loves us that He deals with our sin in two outstanding ways:

  1. He justifies us – because Christ satisfied the legal demands of justice by standing in our place we now stand fully acquitted of wrongdoing. You stand before Heaven’s Throne as innocent and righteous.
  2. He sanctifies us – because of Jesus,  sin now has no longstanding power of us which means with the help of God’s spirit we are able to say no to sin every day – becoming more and more like Jesus.


The greatest expression of love this world has ever seen was the Lord of all creation hanging on a cross, bleeding and suffocating to redeem a rebellious and stiff-necked people, to not only make it possible for us to enter into God’s presence but to see us conformed to the image of His son.

Was that love blind?

I don’t think so.

  1. nana yaw permalink

    i love this site. will visit here more often.. great stuff u doin, keep it up. God bless u

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