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The Marble Container

June 1, 2013

"Priorities" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.It’s so easy to vocalise the things I consider as priorities in my life, but does it always match up with reality?

The busier your life, the more important your ability to prioritise becomes. How you doing with it all?

My wife and I recently noticed that this is something we have not been good with.

If you’re not careful things that are important start to take priority over things that are more important and it’s in the shadows of these small oversights that disaster lurks.

iStock-000004309511SmallOur priorities in life can be viewed as marbles.

The more important the priority then the bigger the marble.

Our job is to prioritise which marbles go in the marble container and which don’t.

All too often when we are planning our lives its like we fill our ‘marble containers’ with the smaller, less important, marbles first and then find later that there isn’t any room for the larger marbles.

What makes most sense is to do is put the larger marbles in the jar first and then fit the smaller marbles in around it.

So I guess the challenge for us today, is to have a think about that which should be a priority and actually prioritise it.



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  1. This is an interesting metaphor. I like it because the jar represents the fact that no matter how efficient we think we are, we just can’t fit in everything. Our lives just won’t do it; some marbles need to be sacrificed. At the moment, I have real trouble sacrificing my leisure – I often feel as though I’m darn well entitled to that particular set of marbles. Yet my prayer marble has rolled under the couch somewhere. As you say, if I were asked what my priority SHOULD be, I would say the lost marble should be the first marble in the jar.

    • Thanks for your comment dude. You’re spot on, we like to think we can fit everything in but we just can’t and the more we try to the quicker we head toward burn-out. The sooner I learn this lesson the better!

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