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The Tension

March 28, 2013

417737_643351708588_1028432859_nFour months ago my hero of a wife gave birth to my second son. Reuben Josiah Chalmers was born at 22.36 weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces, on Saturday 17 November.

I cannot detail enough just how amazing Bex was and how in awe of her I still am.

The labour process was quite long and quite difficult and towards the end of the ordeal she just had no energy left.

She persevered with absolutely no pain relief and in the end it was nothing less than sheer warrior woman mentality that got the job done.

If you are a parent reading this blog you will understand what I mean when I say that having children changes your life dramatically.

Every so often I have to stop what I am doing and just assess the situation. I look around at my family and I’m slightly confused.

601597_645649398998_1431773437_nI see my beautiful wife preparing some dinner, my two and half year old son playing on his guitar and my now 4 month old son sat in my lap smiling up at me.

How and when did this all happen?

Sometimes I just have to take stock and be amazed at how much my life has changed and how fortunate I am for it.

I wonder if you are a parent, and I wonder if you have ever considered just how amazing it is that you are responsible for bringing a human life into the world.

It literally blows my mind that one day Bex and I sat down and discussed the prospect of having children, and now a few years later there are two humans who live and move and have their being.

Two humans that, if it weren’t for Bex and I, wouldn’t actually exist!

I wonder if you have ever thought about just how significant your choices in life are.

How amazing is it that God who rules and reigns supreme over all things, is happy to allow mankind to make decisions that have significant impact on history.

Over the years I have found that, theologically speaking, it’s very easy for us to sway towards one of two extremes.

We can focus so much on the sovereignty of God that we down-play the impact of our choices and the free will that so clearly exists. Or on the other hand we can focus so much on our free will that we lose sight of the fact that God remains in control.

It’s important to get a healthy tension with these two extremes. Whilst the sovereignty of God ought to be above question, so too should be our free will. Both exist in harmony, as crazy as that might seem. (Please see my earlier post ‘Is free will an illusion?‘)

Like two lines on a railway track they need to run alongside each other. In fact if you try to force them together the train crashes. They need to be held in tension.

This particular tension actually needs to permeate our lives.

I wonder which extreme you think you tend to sway towards more? Are you someone who struggles to rest because your so desperate to keep control of everything in life? Perhaps you need to see more of God’s sovereignty in your life.

Or are you someone who relies so much on the sovereignty of God that you struggle to be motivated about anything – ‘after all’ you say ‘what difference will I make?’ Maybe you needs to be reminded of the significance of your actions.

It would be foolish to ignore one or the other of these facts, as the bible clearly supports both.

Why not have a think about how your last week has gone. How has God shown Himself sovereign? Equally how have your actions had an impact on those around you?

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