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Ways to Misunderstand God’s Grace (a 3-part series)

March 6, 2013

The topic of God’s grace, is, for the believer, a topic of huge significance.

I doubt it’s possible to unpack the fullness and implication of God’s grace in one post. And if it is possible I’m definitely not the person to do it. Besides there’s enough material and enough people out there that would do a far better job than I could.

See my recommended books post for books on grace that I think are worth a read.

bournemouth-symphony-orchestra-1264413336-article-0The theme of grace is such a huge one it would be like trying to describe the colour of a rainbow or the sound of an orchestra with only one word.

As such most of the time I deal with this topic I will be dealing with it in the context of other topics and life situations, rather than a one off ‘this is what Grace is’ post.

In our day and age I think it has come to mean so many different things, in some contexts we can even find that the word ‘grace‘ is used in such a way that is the exact opposite of it’s true meaning; see my earlier blog ‘fallen from grace’.

random-acts-of-kindness-day1Even when it comes to talking about Grace amongst those of us who would call ourselves Christians there seems to be a great diversity of opinion of what God’s grace actually means and what it actually achieves; not just for us as individuals in our relationship with God, but for us as individuals in our relationship with each other.

Far be it from me to declare that I am the fountain of all knowledge with regard to the Grace of God, or even the perfect living example of how to execute such grace, as indeed the two are separate things. However that being said, I do feel it would be worth highlighting a few areas where, I think, a misunderstanding of grace can be very unhelpful to us.

So here we go, a little blog mini-series on ways, I think, it’s easy to misunderstand God’s Grace:

  1. Grace doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight to put sin to death
  2. Grace doesn’t mean we don’t have to speak hard truth to those we love
  3. Grace doesn’t mean we don’t have to work to see God’s church grow

There are probably more examples of how we can easily misunderstand the implications of God’s grace. These are just a few that I have picked up over the years.

I wonder what you guys think? Please leave me your thoughts.

  1. Lambert permalink

    Great post!!

    • Thanks very much Lambert – glad you enjoyed it. Wow haven’t posted a blog for quite a while – need to sort myself out.

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