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2.) Being Saved by Grace Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Speak Truth to Those we Love

March 6, 2013

rockIn our extremely diverse society it’s a guarantee that you will come across people who you don’t agree with. People who like different music to you, people who watch different movies to you, people who wear different clothes.

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with people, as a matter of fact, it would be rather dull if we all shared the exact same opinion on everything – diversity makes life more colourful.

However, every so often, people we care about make choices or adopt certain lifestyles that we disagree with. Choices and lifestyles that, we perceive, are harmful not just to themselves but to others around them.

What do you do in those situations?

1248132593684808081intoxicated-drunk-dwi-dui.svg.hiHow do you communicate to someone you love that you think they are living in such a way that is harmful to them?

These days society has evolved in such a way that by and large people simply do not like being challenged. We all like to think that we have everything sorted and to have someone tell us otherwise just doesn’t go down smoothly.

In Proverbs 27:6 says:

“Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.”

This verse is telling us that it is far better to have a friend (whom you can trust), tell you those hard truths that are good for you, than someone (who isn’t interested in your well-being) just flatter you.

The key factor here though, is the relationship. The phrase ‘sincere friend’ is crucial to this way of living.

Loads of people just like to have a moan or tell you how rubbish you are just to make themselves feel better, but if you have someone who you know loves you, tell you something that’s hard to hear – you can take it.

best-friendsAnd actually that’s what a good and loving friend would do.

If I had a friend whom I loved living in a way that was damaging to himself, surely I would want to tell him and be there for him?

Our misunderstanding of grace has often meant that we haven’t spoken the truth to someone simply because we don’t want to damage their sensitive feelings.

We tell ourselves that it’s better to protect people’s feelings, and neglect to be a true friend to them. We tell ourselves that to do that is more gracious.

It’s always important to handle ourselves with humility and to not be reckless with other people’s feelings, but if a friend’s welfare is at stake then our priority should be to tell them the truth – even if that truth hurts a little.

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