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Life is Like a Train Ride

January 27, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADue to my car being off road for the last few weeks I have been forced to take a lot of public transport, this has meant getting myself familiar with buses, taxis and even trains.

The other day I was on a train that was taking me from Cheltenham Spa back to Stoke on Trent, and it got me thinking about life in general.

Every so often life can resemble a long train journey. Essentially all I wanted in that journey was to find somewhere comfortable to settle. I didn’t want to cause any trouble; I just wanted to close myself off from everyone else in the carriage. With my ear phones and iPod on the go, my plan was to fall asleep until the end of the journey.

But this particular train journey, much like life, didn’t go to plan.

There were some brief moments of comfort, but every single one of them was disturbed. I noticed that there were 3 main reasons for these disturbances that I experienced, and I think these reasons often resemble real life situations:

1. Some Idiot

trainseatingAt one point I had got myself real comfortable, when all of a sudden some dude taps me on the shoulder and tells me that I am in his seat. Being the polite fellar I am, I instantly got up and apologised. However what was annoying was that I checked the LED display and it said that the seat was ‘available’. Furthermore this dude didn’t even sit down in the seat!! He just stood next it and so I stood next to him – what was he doing?!

Sometimes in life we go through seasons of discomfort because of something that someone else has done.

2. Human Error

5524094140_958dda6494_zIt wasn’t too long before I managed to find myself another seat, however as is often the way with me, it also wasn’t too long before I realised I needed to visit the little boys room. Rather clumsily I decided to go to the toilet just as we pulled into Birmingham New Street, which meant that when I returned, again I lost my seat.

Sometimes in life we go through seasons of discomfort just because we made a bad decision.

3. Good Gesture

holding-door-openAgain fortune was on my side and I only had to wait for one more stop before I could blag myself another seat. This was it, surely I could get a cheeky sleep before I pulled into Stoke on Trent. The relaxing vibe of Benjamin Francis Leftwich was playing in my ear, I had managed to get comfortable (which isn’t always easy on a train) and I could feel myself slipping into a sleepy oblivion – delightful.

All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an older lady standing in the aisle, looking rather tired.

“D’oh!” I couldn’t not let the lady sit down, that wouldn’t be gentlemanly at all. So yet again I lost my seat, albeit through gritted teeth!

Sometimes in life we go through seasons of discomfort because we decided to make the right decision, it just so happens that sometimes the right decisions cost us.

The thing that is worth knowing is that most of the time, the seasons we are in, don’t last, most of the time they are literally just a season. We have opportunities to grab and choices to make, let’s make sure that whichever season we are in we keep our integrity, whether we are fortunate enough to be enjoying a season of comfort, or a season of discomfort where we are left standing.

arlington-tombstone-hopeAfter all one thing’s for sure, the train journey, just like life, will one day come to an end, and I don’t know about you, but I would far sooner have developed a good character on the journey than had a comfortable ride.

This is what CH Spurgeon once said:

“A good character is the best tombstone.”


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