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Britain’s Got Talent

January 27, 2012


So over the last few weeks millions of people throughout our country (and seemingly the world) have been tuning in to watch this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. We’ve finised the audition stage of the competition and the countdown to the live shows has begun. All leading up to that special moment when the Great British public decide the winner of 2014.

I have to say, of all the TV – based, talent show competitions out there (of which there are a lot); this is by far my favourite. I love the variety and creativity involved and I genuinely think that the winners are  deserving, hard-working and talented people.

In many ways, I think, our lives could be seen as one big audition, an attempt to gain approval from Heaven, living our lives trying our best to impress and avoid hearing the judgmental boos of the audience or worse yet the damning sound of the ‘X’ buzzer.

We try and make sure that, if there is a God, then he is impressed with what he sees.

61hkSagCljL._SL1000_One of the things that looks quite intimidating with BGT is that one slip up can cause one of the judges to push their buzzer – in many ways they can be so unforgiving – one mistake can be enough to send you home.

I wonder what would cause God to push his buzzer. As he looks down at our every thought, word and deed. Do you reckon you would have got to today without hearing the buzzer? It’s unlikely isn’t it?

So try and imagine it then, walking out onto the stage of life – wondering and waiting for the final verdict at the end of your performance. You’re sweating, not certain you’re going to make it through. You start to panic, “If only someone else could perform instead of me,” you say. “If only I could be judged on the basis of someone else’s performance!!”

imagesAnd then Jesus walks onto the stage…

Silence falls…no one makes a sound.

And then…then He starts to dance.

You’ve never seen anything like it! His dance takes your breath away – there is a gasp and a reverence across the auditorium. Not one false move, not one slip up – such creativity and mastery – the likes of which you could only ever dream of achieving. You start to understand why it is they call Him the Lord of the Dance – you are left speechless! Everyone is speechless.

article-0-0BBFFE4900000578-787_634x366And then Jesus finishes and is taken away, and the whole auditorium explodes in cheer and celebration

…but you notice something peculiar. They are all looking and smiling at you. Your heart is beating hard within your chest, your sweating and confused.

Ant and Dec beckon you to the centre stage.

The cheer continues – it seems to last for ages. You have a standing ovation!

The judges start to congratulate you. Are they mental? Can they not see what’s just happened? Why are you being credited with Jesus’ performance? But as much as you try to dispute – as much as you try and point out your faults they exclaim that you are through to the next round.

The bible tells us in 2 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 21 that Jesus took our place. It says that he, who knew no sin, became sin for us and as a result we became the righteousness of God.

If I were to be judged on my performance then just like anyone else I would fail to impress – I would definitely be booed off the stage of life – I would have no chance of winning God’s favour and approval.

Not only was the punishment for my wrongdoing absorbed by Christ, I was actually credited with His performance; a lifetime of perfection and sinlessness is now what The judge sees when he looks at me.

By coming to Christ and putting your trust in His performance you can know, not just the forgiveness, but the favour and approval of the most high Judge, of God Himself.

  1. Mike Keeping permalink

    Vey good bridge building Jez!

  2. Aidan permalink

    An interesting analogy sir. The crazy part is that Jesus could have messed up his performance. But he got the greatest seal of approval as he didn’t make a single slip up. Not one. EVER! And therefore there is now no error with me. Simon Cowell could look but he still rocks that stage better than diversity ever could!

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